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The beautiful, picturesque town of Banya is nestled between Karlovo and Hisarya on the road to Plovdiv. The town's mineral springs, rehabilitation and spa facilities are the best in central Bulgaria and are known as the Karlovo Mineral Baths. The facilities afford the health enthusiast a year round climate and opportunity to treat joint, neurological and gynecological disorders. There are numerous baths, swimming pools, sports and rehabilitation centers that offer inexpensive yet effective methods to improve your health and well being. The mineral water varies in temperature, depending on the facility you choose and offers something for everyone. The range of the water is from 95-130 degrees Fahrenheit ( 35-54 Celsius) and can be found in spas, pools and bath facilities throughout the town. There's also a unique mud bath facility that offers treatment for various diseases. The resort’s rehabilitation clinic and sanatorium plus great outdoor beaches and mineral water guarantee a great time and a healthier you.

Banya is located in the central part of the Stryama Valley, surrounded in a semicircle by the Sashtinka Sredna Gora Mountains. It is approximately 7.5 miles from Karlovo, 8.5 miles from Hisarya, which is one of Bulgaria’s best known spa resorts and historical sites and 29 miles from Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv. The area dates back thousands of years when it was once inhabited by the Thracians and Romans and offers the visitor many historical sites and remnants from the times of these great civilizations. A visit to this unique town is a must for all those coming to Bulgaria seeking better health through the climate and mineral water.

In addition to the tremendous spas and outdoor pools, there's a sports complex and several nice hotels and rooms for rent for those wishing to stay overnight. There are numerous historical sites and points of interest close by for day trips, including the largest Thracian tomb ever discovered in Southeastern Europe at Starosel. "The Palace," a summer home built by King Boris III after discovering the water's healing effect on his rheumatism, is located on the north side of the town and remains the area's best known address.

Discover what makes Banya the home of the best balneology in Eastern Europe and why people come back to this town year after year in search of better health and healing through mineral water.
Banya, Bulgaria
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